Why we created Dolphin Trust:

Picture of David Shea

David J. Shea
Founder and Managing Partner


I’ve been a trial lawyer for over thirty years. My days (and nights) as a litigator have given me a fulfilling, but tumultuous career. That said, I have yet to represent a client who, when all is said and done, tells me “hey, that was fun – can’t wait to do it again!” Face it, our legal system is a highly contentious and expensive process that, in the end, largely promotes bitter compromise over “justice”.

This is especially true for those forced into probate court after the death of a loved one. And it’s sad to see. I’ve watched families destroy themselves, fighting for what they perceive were the unsaid dying intentions of their parent, or sibling, or child. The greed, the grief, the dysfunctional revisionism of a scorned family member or friend – all played out in a public courtroom with lawyers controlling the strings. No one wants their family to go through this in the immediate wake of their death. But it happens all too often for one simple reason – people generally don’t have a trust in place to avoid probate courts after they pass away.

And why is that? There’s not one answer. Most of us aren’t planning on dying anytime soon, so we kick the can down the road until it’s too late. Others want an estate plan, but don’t want the inconvenience of creating it, especially if they have to slog through multiple trips to an attorney’s office. And then there’s the cost – a good estate plan generally runs $2,000 or more.

This is why we created Dolphin Trust – to eliminate these obstacles by providing a high-quality estate plan that avoids probate while leveraging online technology to lower the cost, speed up the process, and reduce the stress of creating and maintaining your trust (or any other legal issue you may have). This is new – there’s nothing like it in the legal marketplace. But it’s necessary. We hope you agree.

Probate can be expensive and time-consuming

Meet the Team:

Picture of David Shea

David Shea

Managing Partner

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John Shea

Chief Operations Officer

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Jonathan Fouch

Chief Technology Officer

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Amanda Coleman

Operations Manager

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Alice Blumm

Firm Attorney

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Ashley Shea

Firm Attorney

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Megan Dallape

Social Media Director


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